Canibad Beach, Samal Island.

A trip to Canibad takes in the far side of the island, the part on the other side from Babak which faces towards Davao Oriental. While this is long and tiring bike ride you will be rewarded by stunning views of the shoreline on the far side which is often very close to the road. The road on the far side of the island is largely unpaved by still has a fairly good surface for bikes, slightly bumpy in cars though.

You will pass through a couple of barangays { small villages } where you can stop, buy water and perhaps a snack and have a little rest, but your final destination is the couple of beach resorts at Canibad itself.

The beach at Canibad is in my view the nicest and most unspoilt beach on the island, the beach itself is white but granular and hard on the toes. On your left is a large rock jutting out of the sea near a small cliff where adventurous types dive from. The water is crystal clear and very suitable for snorkelling with easily accessible areas of living coral close to shore. This place is not commercialised by any manner of means but is every foreigners dream of what a tropical paradise should look like.

The downside is the the facilities at the resort, though clean they are somewhat limited and basic and there is not much that you can buy there in terms of food and provisions so remember bring your own. There is also quite along and steep flight of stairs down from the road to the resort so this could be a problem for those with disabilities.

It is possible to stay overnight in one of the cabins which you can rent or you could bring your own tent, both of which are good options for the adventurous, and there are barbecue grills available where you can cook your own food. Canibad beach is ideal for Philippines people who appreciate peace and quiet in beautiful surrounding and for foreigners who want a small taste of an unspoilt tropical dream ...

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