Farmers Resto Grill Peneplata, Samal Island, Philippines.

When I am on Samal Island riding my mountain bike I often arrange the day so I can stop for lunch or a coffee and snack at The Farmers Resto Grill, I have outlined a typical circular route for this purpose below. The place is clean, comfortable and I can always find something suitable on it's varied menu. A great place to take a break. 

Farmers Resto Peneplata Samal

Sometimes I like to take a shorter bike two hour bike ride on Samal Island just to keep fit and enjoy the countryside. On these occasions I use a pleasant circular route which takes in The Farmers Resto Grill at the half way mark, this is a very nice place to stop for lunch or a rest and a snack. Here you will find a good range of dishes at reasonable prices, the staff are polite and attentive, and as a foreigner I always feel quite comfortable and at home both with the ambience and cuisine when I drop in here. This place should suit everyone, but let me give you directions for this relaxing bike ride.

1. At the roll on roll off ferry terminal turn left and proceed to the rotunda { roundabout } a few miles down the road, the the first exit marked to Peneplata.

2. You then have a bit of a hill climb but after that a nice long downhill ride for a few miles down to the T junction.

3. At the T junction turn right and after a short distance you will see the large building of the Central Warehouse Club on your left, shortly after that you will see the Farmers Resto Grill also on your left. Pull in there. Enjoy your lunch.

4. After lunch head back the way you came but take the first turning on the left after the Central Warehouse Club, you will know it as there is a gas station there and a sign for Sea Green Gardens Resort. This is a nice coastal road leading you back to Babak but you will hit the roll on roll off ferry terminal before then. A good road surface all the way.

On the ride back you will be rewarded with some beautiful views of the gulf of Davao stretching back to the city itself.

Click here to see The Farmers Resto Grill on Google maps : LINK