Lake Bangkalan, Samal Island.

Lake Bangkalan is again a little known feature of Samal Island, perhaps because there are no formal access roads or track to it, but the place is distinctive as Lake Bangkalan is the only true lake on Samal Island. The waters have a muddy appearance it is true but it is a quiet and tranquil place where it is good to stop for a while and watch the fish rise. As you will have to cross agricultural land and private land to get there it would be best to have someone with you fluent in Bisaya to ask permission from anyone you might encounter and smooth the way for you.

The size of the lake varies greatly depending on the time of year, in the rainy season it is quite extensive but it shrinks markedly towards the end of the summer months.

While it is clearly marked on Google Maps, I will give you some directions to make things easier for you.

1. From Babak turn right up the only main road and proceed towards Pene Plata.

2. You will encounter a steep hill climb, once at the top turn left on to an unmade road.

3. Proceed along this road for 600 metres and then turn right at the crossroads.

4. Go past Toril Elementary School for a short distance and then take the left fork.

5. Go along this road for 500 metres and the lake will then be a short distance on your right. You may be able to see the lake from this point on your right but there is no road in that I can see. You just take on of the tracks leading to the small local housing and you will soon be at the lake.

Click HERE to see it on Google maps.