Bike Ride Paradise Island, Samal Island.

Lunch at Paradise Island resort, Samal Island. This is a nice easy circular route starting and ending at The Paradise Island Resort, a nice weekend ride for the love of cycling.

paradise island samal
The crossing from Davao to The Paradise Island Resort.

Green Run For Mountain Bikes 

Lunch at Paradise Island resort, Samal. This is a nice easy circular route starting and ending at The Paradise Island Resort, a nice weekend ride for the love of cycling.

But also suitable for :  Only suitable as outlined for mountain bikes { Or any other sort of bike } as you have to lift them and take them across on a small passenger ferry. Half the fun is this ferry crossing, but no reason why you cannot cross on the roll on roll off ferry with a motor bike or car and and follow the route that way.

Distance :  24 km round trip.

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Directions :

1.  Cross to Paradise Island from the Davao City side, you just lift your bikes on to the banca ( small ferry } my experience is that they are always happy to take two or three bikes on board with the regular passengers. If you have a larger number of bikes in your party then you may want to charter the boat just for yourselves, but in this case the fee is very moderate.

2. Once you have paid your entrance fee you go straight through the resort via the zoo area and climb the hill to exit via the back gate. You then have two choices, one is to exit right at once and proceed along the unmade road, this way is good for mountain bikes. The second way is to to climb the short slope in front of the back of the resort and then turn right on to the main road. Both routes meet a couple of kilometres down the road in any case, good made up road all the way from that point.

3. Then cycle for a few kilometres down towards Peneplata, when you come to the T junction turn right, pass large Central Warehouse Club on your left and go a short distance further to The Farmers Resto Grill also on your left, stop here for a coffee and a short break.

4. When you have done come out of the restaurant and turn right back towards Babak, this time keep straight, you will encounter one hill climb, then a straight, and then a descent back down into Babak.

5.  At Babak when you come to the main cross roads turn left and then go straight through the town, past the the rotunda, past the roll on roll off ferry terminal and you will come to a point where the road branches. The left is the main road, the right is an unmade road, you can take either and you will shortly be back at your starting point and lunch at Paradise Island Resort. Of course at the end of the day the small resort ferry will take you and your bikes back to Davao.

Further Information  : 

This is a nice gentle bike ride which I undertake now and again just for the love of cycling, it starts and finishes at The Paradise Island Resort. To my mind this place is second only to Pearl Farm which is much more expensive. 

The aim is to cross at the Paradise Island crossing on the Davao City side at around ten in the morning, have a nice bike ride through the countryside with a stop for coffee and then back to Paradise Island for lunch and relaxation before returning home on the ferry at the resort. Paradise island resort is a great place to eat and also to swim and to wander round it's many amenities including it's small zoo.