Mamacao Springs, Samal Island.

Reading about Samal Island as I often do I previously saw mention of Mamacao Springs of few times, it is located between the margins of Barangay San Isidro and Barangay Libuak. Being curious I determined to visit and check it out for myself. But having been there I have to say I found the journey to be more fun than the arrival, the above photo shows all there is.

That said a to visit Mamacao Springs is a great day out on your mountain bike, a nice round trip from Babak, you will pass through some very nice Samal Island countryside and pass along some rough tracks and perhaps take lunch at Secdea, that is surely what mountain biking is all about. To finally reach the actual Mamacao Spring you have to pass along a small forest path but I got my bike up there OK.

The spring itself is in a forest setting and is a concrete structure a few metres square with a large Balete tree growing in to it, the spring water is very clear, and there are shoals of small fish visible in it. The local people use it as a water source and for washing their clothes and bathing in.

The spring in the photograph above is actual the one called Mamacao Spring but there are others in the area, for example you will pass Solomon's Spring in front of the small mosque on your way in.

Secdea beach resort is actually close to Mamacao Springs  and I have put a link to it on Google Maps at the bottom of the page. But here are some directions which may be helpful.

1. From Babak just head up the main road towards the Monfort Bat Cave which you will see clearly marked on both sides of the road. Carry on for a bit further and you will see signs for The Japanese Cave House on your Left. Opposite that on your right is an unmade road, this is where you turn.

2. Carry on straight on this unmade road until you see signs for The Secdea Beach Resort, follow the signs down a short roads with sharp turns and proceed to the resort.

3. When you come to the first bit of flat road and can see the resort entrance you turn right along an unmade road, you can see this in my photos the first photo with the two bikes. { See below }

4. Proceed along this track, you will pass a small mosque on your left, then a group of houses with a sari sari store, go through these and pass into the open countryside for a short distance and you will see a house on the right on the first bend. The Mamacao Spring is in the forest a short distance past the house but you will cross a shallow stream. The way to the spring is not marked so you may want to ask directions at this point.

5. On the way back it is nice to take the new national highway round the top of the island and back to Babak.

Follow this link to see Secdea Beach Resort on Google Maps : LINK

Follow this link to see the other photos I took that day : LINK