Security And Safety Issues on Samal Island.

As far as your personal security and safety goes when visiting Samal Island then you have to make your own mind up. Some parts of Mindanao are of course very unsafe but other parts such as Davao City are very peaceful, and I personally would include Samal Island in this category.

That is not to say there have not been incidents in the past where foreigners and locals have been kidnapped or have suffered crime on the island because there have been, but in the scheme of things these have really been just a very small number of isolated incidents such as are now unfortunately happening in many countries in the world. Many visitors come to Samal Island each year and almost all such visits pass without incident, places like Pearl Farm and Paradise Island now have enhanced security and are good places to start your exploration of this beautiful island. 

If you are venturing outside of the resorts on your own then just take common sense precautions, if you are a foreign visitor then perhaps also have someone along with you who is fluent in Bisaya and familiar with the place or consider taking an organised tour. The chances are you will be just fine. 

Please follow this link to see the places I visit on the island : LINK

Dr Scott Nimmo 
June 2017